onsdag 31 maj 2017

Why you should NEVER buy Zinc One

  1. It's remote. Remote is always expensive. Previous owners transported the ore some 540 kilometers(!) for treatment.
  2. It's oxide. Oxide sucks and needs special processing in a so called Waelz Kiln. That's expensive.
  3. It's tiny. The historical resource is ~1 Mt and their target is 1.5-2 Mt! I mean WTF?? That's just pathetic! No major (or mid-tier or minor or whatever) will never, ever be interested in that. So, what's gonna drive the share price? Their own big profits and dividend to the shareholders? Yeah right...
  4. It's a Gecko Research pump&dump. Gecko are cheap posers and losers and sucks big time. 
Nuff said.

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