onsdag 22 mars 2017

Gecko Research no clue scamsters


The totally worthless scamsters at Gecko Research seems to finally have found a way to make money. Get in as early investors in a company and then pump the shit out of it to unsuspecting and naive retail investors. One typical example is Zinc One, which is a worthless piece of crap "deposit" that will never, ever become a mine. That of course doesn't stop Gecko from promoting it as often as they can. They also don't mind dissing other companies along the way. This is what they wrote about Tinka Feb 5th in their very "deep analysis" (note: joke):

This is a comparison between Tinka and Zine One since then.

Just sayin'...
That won't of course stop the Gecko no clue scamsters to continue their shameless pumping of worthless POS (Piece Of Shit) companies. The only thing you as a smart investor can do is to stay out of everything they recommend (and avoid Gecko like the plague).

2 kommentarer:

  1. Silver One haussades också enormt under hösten, ner 38% för året.

    Emblem -42% i år, men grattis om man kom in på 1.15 IPO:n, vilket dessa herrar gjorde.

    Nu väntar vi spänt på nästa kobolt-pump och hur det går för litiumbolaget.

  2. Den enda kompetensen de hade försvann i och med OB. Kvar är bara ett par praktskojare som gör allt för att lura stackars småsparare på pengar. Patetiskt.